Residential College 4 is a residential college in University Town. RC4 Arts Night is the biggest and only arts show of the year, welcoming and showcasing performers of all backgrounds.

This is the fourth consecutive year Arts Night is running for.

Project Director: Tan Ai
Vice-Project Director: Mantaring Ericka Joinelle Nicdao
Scriptwriter-Directors: Yeong Su Ann and Jeremiah Sng Ren Jun
Creative Team: Clarisse Bu Rui En, Petrina Leow Wan Leng, Roshan Atreya Ravi, Tan Ai
Treasurer: Emma Kaye Choe Sook Ying

Cindy Toh (Programmes Head)
Jackson Lian
Madeline Tan Li Xin
Tan Hui Zheng

Publicity Head: Amanda Xue Yongjia
Bahety Arjavi
Chen Yiting
Leung Jing Yi Caroline
Michael Sutanto
Nicole Lee Suet Kay
Tan Tee Huang

Logistics Head: Ho Jia Yi
Esther Cheong
Jeremiah Sng Ren Jun
Leow Jing Xin

Lights Manager:
Chai Hwee Han

Lighting Designer:
Daryl Norman Soh

Lighting Progammer:
Sagayadavid Kanagasingam

Sounds Manager:
Lim Chen Fang

Sounds Engineer:
Russel Bradley

Stage Managers:
Ng U-Ning Ruth
Wong Cassandra
Shruti Natarajan

Chen Hui Ting Rachel
Goh Pei Shan Alina
Jennifer Ho Hui Lin
Tan Wen Xi Tessa

Makeup artist:
Rebekah Mah

Jaslyn Tan
Woo Jun Jie, Jerrold

The Interest Groups


R4D is a joint RC4-CAPT dance interest group which strives to provide a fun and safe environment where residents can explore various dance genres such as contemporary, lyrical, urban, street and more. Dancers from all backgrounds (including none!) are welcome, and there are opportunities for all to learn, or share and hone their craft.


RC4ME (Music Expression) is a place of congregation for the musically-inclined in RC4. Since each musician is diverse in their musical skills and styles, RC4ME serves as a platform for residents to integrate with other musicians who enjoy a similar genre. Musicians in RC4ME showcase their talents in the various events in RC4.


RC4Theatre aims to cultivate a passion for the stage both in our members and the wider RC4 community through our performances. Members participate in two main productions per academic year – Halloween Dinner and Arts Night, with ample opportunity to participate in various ways. Otherwise, sessions focus on developing related skills like improvisation and enunciation.
By providing the opportunity for both first-timers and experienced performers to hone their theatre skills, we hope to spread the joy of theatre and its many benefits.


Started by like-minded individuals who indulge in their love of both traditional visual arts and wacky arts & crafts, this new and fresh-faced IG pushes their members to dissolve artistic boundaries and express themselves freely. Be it through the black and white lines of their personal lino prints or the toothy smile of stuffed toy keychains, the art pieces contain the creative direction and personality of each member.


One day in 2017, somewhere in the house of Noctua, one friend asked another,
“Hey, what if we found four other guys and danced to Twice some day?”
He was wrong.